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    I am trying to use CDONTS to send mail. In the past I have always used ASPEmail. I am running into a problem with line 82 below, in caps where it says IF OBJMAIL.SEND THEN (code is below). Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?<BR><BR> &#060;%<BR>Dim boolOK<BR>boolOK= true<BR>Dim strMessage<BR>If Request.Form("lname") = "" then <BR> boolOK= False<BR>strMessage = " Please push back on your browser and enter the missing information."<BR>End if<BR><BR>If Request.Form("fname") = "" then <BR> boolOK= False<BR>strMessage = "Please push back on your browser and enter the missing information."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If Request.Form("email") = "" Or InStr(Request.Form("email"), "@") = 0 Or InStr(Request.Form("email"), ".") = 0 then <BR>boolOK= False<BR>strMessage = strMessage & "&#060;li&#062;Please push back on your browser and enter a valid email address.&#060;/li&#062;"<BR><BR>If Request.Form("address") = "" then <BR>boolOK= False <BR>strMessage = "Please push back on your browser and enter your address."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If request.form("city") = "" then <BR>boolOK= False <BR>strMessage = "Please push back on your browser and enter your city."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If request.form("state") = "" then <BR>boolOK= False <BR>strMessage= "Please push back on your browser and tell us your state."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If request.form("interest") = "Area of Interest" then <BR>boolOK= False <BR>strMessage = "Please push back on your browser and tell us your area of interest."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If request.form("degree") = "Degree Type" then <BR>boolOK= False <BR>strMessage = "Please push back on your browser and tell us what degree type you are interested in."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If request.form("application") = "Application Type" then <BR>boolOK= False <BR>strMessage = "Please push back on your browser and tell us whether you are a domestic or international applicant."<BR>end if<BR><BR>If boolOK= True then<BR><BR>Dim objMail<BR>Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") <BR> objMail.From = Request.Form("fname")& " " & Request.Form("lname")<BR> objMail.Address = Request.Form("email")<BR> objMail.RemoteHost = "" <BR> objMail.to = "gradapps@ufl.edu"<BR> objMail.subject = "Prospective Student Inquiry"<BR> objMail.Body = "Name: " & Request.Form("fname") & Request.Form("lname") & vbcrl& _<BR> "Address: " & vbcrl& _ <BR> Request.Form("address") & vbcrl& _<BR> Request.Form("city") & vbcrl& _<BR> Request.Form("state") & vbcrl& _<BR> Request.Form("zip") & vbcrl& _<BR> Request.Form("country") & vbcrl& _<BR> "Phone: " & Request.Form("phone") & vbcrl& _<BR> "Email: " & Request.Form("email") & vbcrl& _<BR> "Area of Interest:" & " " & Request.Form("interest") & vbcrl& _<BR> "Degree Type: " & Request.Form("degree") & vbcrl& _<BR> "Application Type: " & Request.Form("application") & vbcrl& _<BR><BR> <BR>IF OBJ.MAIL SEND THEN<BR>Response.Write "Thank you for your interest in the College of Journalism and Communications&#039; Graduate Program." & vbcrl& _<BR> <BR>"We will send you complete application package which will include detailed information about our graduate program. Due to the high volume of requests, please allow a few weeks for the packet to arrive. " & vbcrl& _<BR>"Division of Graduate Studies and Research (&#060;a href=&#039;http://www.jou.ufl.edu/grad&#039;&#062;http://www.jou.ufl.edu/grad&#060;/a&#062;)<BR>" & vbcrl& _<BR>"College of Journalism and Communications (&#060;a href= &#039;http://www.jou.ufl.edu&#039;&#062;http://www.jou.ufl.edu&#060;/a&#062;)<BR>" & vbcrl& _<BR>"University of Florida (&#060;a href = &#039;http://www.ufl.edu&#039;&#062;http://www.ufl.edu/&#060;/a&#062;)<BR>" & vbcrl& _<BR>"UF Student Financial Affairs (a href= &#039;http://www.ufsa.ufl.edu/sfa/1&#039;&#062;http://www.ufsa.ufl.edu/sfa/l&#060;/a&#062;)<BR>" & vbcrl& _<BR>"Financial Aid Information Page (a href= &#039;http://www.finaid.org/&#039;&#062;http://www.finaid.org&#060;/a&#062;)<BR>" & vbcrl& _<BR>"Graduate Catalog (http://gradschool.rgp.ufl.edu/gradcat)" & vbcrl& _<BR>"Integrated Student Information System [ISIS] (http://www.isis.ufl.edu)" & vbcrl& _<BR>"Schedule of Courses (www.reg.ufl.edu/soc.index.htm)" & vbcrl& _<BR>"Gainesville, Florida (http://www.state.fl.us/gvl/)" & vbcrl& _<BR>"State of Florida (http://www.florida.com)" & vbcrl& _<BR> <BR> "The University of Florida has online and downloadable versions of the application. They can be found at: http://gradschool.rgp.ufl.edu/education/toapply.html" & vbcrl& _<BR> <BR>"If you decide to utilize the online version of the application, please notify us at gradapps@jou.ufl.edu that you have done so, and we will retrieve it." & vbcrl& _ <BR>end if<BR>set objMail = nothing <BR>%&#062;

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    Two things<BR>1) If boolOK= True then can be IF boolOK then<BR>2) IF OBJ.MAIL SEND THEN does not make sense!

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