Hello All,<BR><BR>I have a question regarding a user entering a username and password. I’m grabbing the user info out of text boxes and calling a vbscript sendit(): I don’t know how to include the encryption.asp with a vbscript. How would I include this file <BR><BR>sub sendIt()<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> &#060;!--#INCLUDE VIRTUAL="/test123/Encryption.asp"--&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>dim sBT,suid,spwd<BR>select case trim((window.event.srcElement.id))<BR> case "btn_login"<BR> sBT = "btn_login"<BR> dim Script_Language<BR> <BR> Script_Language = "testing"<BR> <BR> suid = trim(document.all.iduid.value)<BR> spwd = trim(document.all.idpwd.value)<BR> <BR> Encryption_String = "?SL=" & Script_Language & "&N1=" & suid & "&N2=" & spwd<BR> msgbox "Encryption_String = " & Encryption_String<BR> &#039;get key<BR>Encryption_Key = mid(ReadKeyFromFile(Encryption_KeyLocation),1,Len( Encryption_String))<BR> &#039;encrypt the querystring and create new format<BR> ENCRYPTED_CYPHERTEXT = "crypt=" & EnCrypt(Encryption_String)<BR> &#039;Redirect to next page with syntax [page.asp?crypt=youcantseeme]<BR> Response.Redirect "end2.asp?" & ENCRYPTED_CYPHERTEXT <BR> document.all.main.action = "admin_reports.asp?ButtonType=" & sBT <BR><BR> document.all.main.method = "Post"<BR> document.all.main.submit()<BR> case else<BR>end select <BR>end sub<BR>