My registration form collects the date and other things from a customer.<BR>My validation.asp page checks it and when something is wrong it displays some messages and a display button.<BR><BR>My registration form determines if it is being displayed for the 1st time or not - and if its not it uses sets the form variables to server.HTMLEncode(trim("variablename")) and repopulates the form. (so the user doesn&#039t have to redo all of his entries/changes)<BR><BR>The works brilliantly except for the date - I&#039ve tried all sorts of cstr variations etc with no luck even though that doesn&#039t really make sense as I guess it should be living in a string at the time I request it. The form requests the date in dd/mm/yy (We&#039re English!) so I would typically type in 21/01/69 or something during testing - am I missing something about / characters or...???<BR><BR>(Incidentally, if the user hasn&#039t been editing the form and is in my database it gets the data from a database and uses cstr to successfully display the date so I&#039ve ruled out it not liking the way I type the date in) <BR><BR>hope someone can help.<BR><BR>Jennifer<BR>