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    I&#039;ve looked a bit, and while I believe the answers I&#039;ve found so far, they are not official and I can&#039;t believe it is in the design.<BR><BR>Use web.config to "secure a directory" and the directory is not really secure, only the aspx pages in it. Drop an asp page into the folder and it will display in the browser.<BR><BR>Has anyone found the way to secure classic asp pages,html and images with the Web.Config?<BR><BR>

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    Ya I found out too that ASP.NET only seems to secure aspx and related by default. But you can secure any type of file...jpg, pdf...and I would assume mapping it to the aspnet_isapi.dll<BR>

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    Mapping asp pages to aspnet will produce most undesireable results.<BR>I&#039;m not really concerned about other file types (jpg,gif,pdf), it&#039;s the idea of using the forms authentification for a site that will be built in asp. The site in asp needs simple authentification.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve found a very effective solution using XMLHTTP and a secure aspx page.<BR><BR>

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