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    I would like to track any changes made to my website, so if it gets hacked I am notified.<BR><BR>Is their an ASP solution to this. If not can anyone recommend any software to buy.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    --&#062; would like to track any changes made to my website,&#060;--<BR>Do you mean if someone at your hosting company opens your asp pages and makes a modification in that page then saves that page?<BR><BR>Or do you mean if someone from outside hacks its way into your hosting company and makes some damages?<BR><BR>If its #2 then the hosting company should have some sort of protection or backup system or even some sort of guarantee towards you the client.<BR><BR>Ask them what kind of security system they have or any security questions you might have.<BR><BR>If your hosting this yourself then search the web( for "How to secure my web site". Security is a big thing these days and it costs money. Do you have money for 3rd party components.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>Sincerely<BR>Vlince

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