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    Remember those infinite loops in ASP caused by putting <BR>"while not rs.EOF" <BR>without putting <BR>"rs.MoveNext" <BR>at the end of the loop? <BR>In ASP.NET, I have been using repeaters and my pages time out the cpu on the server. Would I be better using the the "while read" way in ASP.NET to ensure no infinite loops instead of repeaters?

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    maybe try using datalist instead of repeater.<BR>i&#039;ve never had any problems with that.

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    You seem very quick to assume that the problems you have reside in the controls you are using.<BR><BR>Using a repeater, setting its datasource, the looping is not under your control, the MoveNext cannot be "left out".<BR>When you code with loops it remains possible to leave it out.<BR><BR>Show us how your code has been evolving.

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