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    I&#039;m used to PWS on Win 98 and now have IIS on Win XP Pro. I want to do Web development work on this PC but don&#039;t want the outside world to see any of the files (until I FTP it up to the Web hosts of course). And I&#039;m not connected to any other PC&#039;s in my home office.<BR><BR>When I do right-click &#124 Properties on the C drive in Windows Explorer the File System DOES say NTFS which I believe is a good sign.<BR><BR>But what do I have to do to be able to right-click on a folder and see a Security tab so that I can set NTFS permissions such as for a folder that needs write permissions because it contains an Access database?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    Default it shows up for me

    I use the same OS and web server and I can see the security tab when I right click on a folder and select properties.<BR><BR>You might want to check Tools --&#062; Folder Options (in the windows explorer) once for the settings there.

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