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    Trying to determine best way to tell users "Data Loading, Please Wait" Message. Seems that if the user requests a large number of records (form built query parameters), depending on their connection, the time to download the page can get VERY BAD. I would like to show an "image?" If the page load time is going to be slow? Not sure if I should "count the number of records" requested, then show them the image if it exceeds say 200? How can I show an image, then make the image go away when the page is completed? <BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>David Book

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    Default One way... a small popup window that you generate *before* the form submittal.<BR><BR>And then you close it when the page is finally fully loaded.<BR><BR>Other solutions are certainly possible, but they do depend on browser quirks.<BR><BR>Example: You could <BR> Response.Buffer=True <BR>and then set up a &#060;DIV&#062; or some such that has the message followed by<BR> Response.Flush<BR><BR>Then, when the page is fully loaded, you just hide the DIV or move it off the screen.<BR><BR>But now you have to write code that is just a little different in all the different browsers.<BR>

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