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    On my page, there&#039;re 3 frames in the same Frameset.<BR>When page is loaded, all fields in FRAME2 & FRAME3 are disabled. They&#039;ll be enabled if a textbox in FRAME1 is not an empty string<BR>So in the onload event for the form in FRAME2 & FRAME3, I have the following:<BR>function window_onload() {<BR> if (window.parent.frameFile.frmFile.txtFile.value == &#039; &#039; ) {<BR> document.all.item(&#039;txtTest&#039;).disabled = true;<BR> //similar codes for other fields.......<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>When the page is loaded, sometimes (8 out of 10 times) I get error:<BR>"window.parent.frameFile.frmFile.txtFile null or not an object "<BR>This error doesn&#039;t happen every single time the page loaded but once in a while. WHY & how to correct the prob??<BR>Is it because FRAME2 & FRAME3 are loaded BEFORE FRAME1 and so when they try to refer to an object in FRAME1, FRAME1 is NOT loaded yet & so error occurs?<BR>If the answer is "Yes" then is there a way to load the frames in order, first load FRAME1 then FRAME2 then FRAME3? <BR>

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    Default Answered in advanced forum <eop>


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