I was wondering how prevalent session crossing is in <BR>ASP.NET (what are other people&#039;s experience?)<BR><BR>I have an application I have written for approx. 5000 <BR>users. Things seem to be working fine...except every once <BR>in a while (very rare) I get a call from a user who claims <BR>their account has been populated with information from <BR>another user. I have had 3 cases of this. Of course this <BR>is extremely scary for me because I begin to wonder if <BR>there are other unreported cases out there and this has <BR>become an epidemic of sorts. Even one cross session case <BR>is scary for me!<BR><BR>I am using a session variable to track the user...and on <BR>every page it verifies (against a database) to see if the <BR>user is correctly logged in. I have written everything <BR>using C# and my login rountine is stored in a .NET <BR>component.<BR><BR>Do you think it is just bad coding on my part? Or is there <BR>a known bug/problem regarding sessions in .NET . I&#039;ve read <BR>that you can&#039;t lock sessions like you could in classic <BR>ASP. But perhaps this has nothing to do with sessions and <BR>perhaps a problem with the db (we use mysql). Any <BR>opinions/suggestions are welcome. Thanks!<BR>