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Thread: ASP to Create and Run an VBS script

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    Bear with me - I'm still new to this. I am working on a web page that uses a Windows script shell to run a program and returns a word document. The program connects to an asp page on our server, creates the word document from the html returned from the asp page, and stores the word document. The problem lies in calling the program. Right now, I have successfully setup an asp page to call the command line using a vbs script initiated by a . The problem is, the vbs script needs to change. [ie the call is myprogram server/custom.asp custom.doc] The command line needs to change to pass different arguments to the asp page and save as a different name? I think i can handle creating a an asp page that creates the vbs script each time, then runs that vbs script, but can I delete using the FileSystemObject? Also, is there an easier way to accomplish this?

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    you don't need to use the VBS script. write it into the ASP.

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