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    I have a database which contains images (jpeg) stored within a column in a table. I am able to retrieve the images to my asp file. What I am not sure about is how can I for example display a set of thumbnails for the images. I have considered data urls, but they are too limited, the other option is to only display one image per page by changing the MINE of the page. But what I want to accomplish is to display a set of images without having to create temporary file which would be reference in the html &#060;img&#062; tag.<BR><BR>

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    Default Unless your users...

    ...all have very high bandwidith connections, you don&#039;t want to do this. <BR><BR>You can easily force an image to a smaller size in HTML coding:<BR> &#060;IMG Src="bigImage.jpg" Width=100&#062;<BR>but then the *entire* "bigImage.jpg" has to be transferred from the server to the browser. Say the image is 1MB (most of my digital camera images are that size). You have 24 thumbnails on the page. The user has to download *24MB* of data!<BR><BR>Even on my DSL line, that will take over *FIVE MINUTES*.<BR><BR>And even if your images are only 100KB, my DSL line will still take about 35 seconds to transfer them. Think of the poor 56K modem user: over 6 minutes with 100KB images!<BR><BR>SO...<BR><BR>If you are serious about this process, it is time to pony up and buy one of the server components that let you resize images. Best thing to do would be to store a thumbnail *at the same time* that you store them original image. With thumbnails running around 4KB to 8KB, even on a 56K modem your user won&#039;t need more than 20 to 30 seconds to get all the thumbnails.<BR><BR>Hokay?<BR><BR>

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