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    Default Default button in aspx pages

    How can I make a button in an ASPX page a Default Button? In other words, when the user simply hits the Enter button on their keyborad, I want the click event of this button to fire. I tried various ways of implementing this but none of them works perfectly. <BR><BR>Thanks for all help.

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    Default Can't do it...

    With JUST Due to the complexity of tracking "events" server side not as many are supported in ASP.NET as you may be used to having access to in client such as Javascript. You will need to do this client side. This question has been asked numerous times in this context so you can find a solution by searching Google see below) or a Javascript newsgroup. Or maybe ask, he seems pretty handy with the JS.<BR><BR>BTW, once you know the Javascript you need you can probably output it using ASP.NET Response.Write lines.<BR><BR> ev=/groups%3Fq%3Dsetting%2Bbutton%2Bfocus%2B%2522asp.n et

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