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    If an user enters the menu by entering the Login name and Password andif we<BR>click the Back Button on the browser and again click the Forward buttonthen<BR>it once again goes to the menu page.<BR>How to avoid the user from going to menu page without entering Passwordonce<BR>he goes to home page.

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    If the user hits the back button, and then the forward button to back to the login page then they probably are using a cached version of the page. You would have to suggest to the browser not to cache the page, which I *THINK* (note: not KNOW) is the Response.Expires property. Someone can correct me, but I think setting that to 0 results in no caching?<BR><BR>Then, we assume that every call to the login page is a fresh call. Once logged in, you could set a session variable flag like:<BR><BR>Session("bLoggedIn") = true<BR><BR>and then, at the top of your login page do a check for that value:<BR><BR>if Session("bLoggedIn") = true then<BR> &#039already entered password<BR>else<BR> &#039display login form<BR>end if<BR>

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