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    Hi genius guys. Its me again, that guy from yesterday with that big problem. Im one step closer but I must call on you again. <BR><BR>I have found the problem with the site. The following file maxes out the CPU and the server consequently dies: -<BR><BR>ASPNET_EWP.exe<BR><BR>I would like to know what can cause this overload.

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    that process runs the ASP.Net webpages.<BR><BR>If you have a problem in your pages (e.g. bad coding) this process is likely to kill the server.<BR><BR>From what I saw of your code yesterday, there are a lot of things to change. You were given a lot of suggestions, did you implement them already? I also think you need to start learning .Net. It takes a whole different approach then classic ASP. <BR><BR><BR>

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