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Thread: How to create arrays with 'case 1' etc f

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    Default How to create arrays with 'case 1' etc f

    I would be very grateful if someone could explain how i can create the arrays in the code below dynamically from a database? The original full script is available on<BR><BR><BR> Select Case iItemID<BR> Case 1<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_shirt.gif", "ASP 101 T-Shirt", "15.00")<BR> Case 2<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_kite.gif", "ASP 101 Kite", "17.50")<BR> Case 3<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_watch.gif", "ASP 101 Watch", "35.00")<BR> Case 4 &#039; Not in use because we couldn&#039;t draw a pen in a few seconds!<BR> aParameters = Array("./images/shop_pen.gif", "ASP 101 Pen", "5.00")<BR> End Select<BR>

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    Default What's the problem?

    What do you mean how you can do it - isn&#039;t that doing it? Or are you having a problem using iItemID if the value&#039;s from a database...?!<BR><BR>Try explaining the problem you&#039;re having.<BR><BR>Craig.

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