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    Default two asp files

    how to post values to different asp files depending on ths situation

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    If you are using IE 4/5 (not sure about NS), you can use javascript and the DOM to do that.<BR><BR>This assumes you have a form named form1 and an INPUT control named input1.<BR><BR>Here is a sample<BR><BR>&#060;script language=javascript&#062;<BR>function test() <BR>{ if (document.form1.input1.value == SOMETHING)<BR> { document.form1.method="POST";<BR> document.form1.action="ASP1.ASP";<BR> document.form1.submit();<BR> }<BR> else<BR> { document.form1.method="POST";<BR> document.form1.action="ASP2.ASP";<BR> document.form1.submit();<BR> }<BR>}<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>Mike

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