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    How can I upload files to the Web server (specified directory) using VBScript and FileSystemObject? I've read about this under your FAQ's and now I just have to know how to use the FSO. Additional information I am on 'intranet' and not all users have access to the web server I am using, so they have to have a userID and a password obtained from the server administrator in order to connect to my web server. The problem is I don't know how to use that information (userID/password) in my code, in order to get them connected to the server (NT with IIS4.0). I have tried to do that using Dreamweaver but that tool gives users access to the entire site, which I don't want them to have. Users have to have the opportunity to browse their folders, select files and the uploading should go automatically after that.

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    your question is about uploading or folder access??<BR><BR><BR>anywho for uploading you need to RTFFAQs abotu uploading<BR><BR><BR>now the rest of you question made no sense to me soo......<BR><BR>

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    So, what you want are:<BR>1. Authentication<BR>2. Authorization<BR>3. system administration<BR>4. how to use FSO<BR>right? If so, you should work on one task at a time, chose carefully. Personaly I would chose system admin, to make the NT Domain autentication enabled, then do the authorization to know who can access what. Then start working on FSO. <BR><BR>m

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