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Thread: IIS won't display file with FSO

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    I have a page that uses the FSO to open files in a browser. The script makes a hyperlink out of the name of the file. I have converted a .doc to a .htm and it won&#039;t display it. It works for other .htm files from .doc file but not the one I want to view.<BR>When I click the hyperlink, the documents&#039; name doesn&#039;t show in the address bar and the title on the web page says cannot find server, yet all the other ASP pages work fine, can anyone help?

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    Just converting the file extension from .doc to .htm won&#039;t make the file displayable in a browser.<BR><BR>IIS is trying to produce an HTML document, but the document is is Word file, so it produces nothing.<BR><BR>You have several choices:<BR><BR>1. leave the file with the .doc extension and IE browsers will display it by running the Word plug-in.<BR><BR>2. resave the file as text and then change the extension to either .txt or .htm<BR>

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