Hey all,<BR><BR> Two questions. First, I want users of my website to be able to download an MP3 file from my site, but I don&#039;t want them to see the physical name as it exists on the server. I&#039;ve been perusing samples and code here and at asp101.com, and haven&#039;t found a way to:<BR><BR> A. Copy the file X.mp3 to another folder on the same disk<BR> B. Rename from X.mp3 to Y.mp3<BR> C. Start the file download of Y.mp3<BR><BR>I know this can be done with a combo of batch files and VB, but I&#039;d like to keep it all ASP if possible. Thoughts? Suggestions?<BR><BR>My second question is a basic one. Is there any way to get IIS-hosted web pages to access files stored in C:FileFolder, or must all files be located under Inetpub (or whatever local IIS root folder is)? The mp3 files mentioned above are located outside the wwwroot directory structure, and I don&#039;t want to move them due to other application dependencies. If this CAN be done, you all can disregard step A., above. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!<BR><BR>--afpjr