How to automatically open a Dropdown list?

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Thread: How to automatically open a Dropdown list?

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    Default How to automatically open a Dropdown list?

    I can set focus to a dropdown list in my web form through code, but can&#039;t figure out a way to actually open it automatically when the page loads. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks, <BR><BR>-Ringo

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    Default use a listbox or javascript?

    sounds like you are talking about a job for JavaScript<BR><BR>why not just use a listbox control instead? that way it would be open automatically whenever the page is open.<BR><BR>the msdn documentation for dropdownlist controls is here in case it shows how to do what you suggest in asp, tho i think you would need javascript for that:<BR> <BR><BR>and the msdn documentation for listbox controls is here, in case you want to follow the approach i am suggesting:<BR> <BR><BR>those 2 urls look the same to me now looking at them here, but they came from two separate pages in my browser from bookmarks. anyway, if it only sends you to one, you can find the other from there.

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