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    I am trying to read a file that uses a piping character ("&#124") to separate fields.<BR><BR>The file is being read, but all the fields are being read as one giant field. Anyone know where in the File DSN I declare the ("&#124") as a field delimiter?<BR><BR>Here is my file DSN:<BR><BR>[ODBC]<BR>DRIVER=Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)<BR>UID=admin<BR>UserCommitSync=Yes<BR>Threa ds=3<BR>SafeTransactions=0<BR>PageTimeout=5<BR>Max ScanRows=25<BR>MaxBufferSize=512<BR>ImplicitCommit Sync=Yes<BR>FIL=text<BR>Extensions=txt,csv,tab,asc <BR>DriverId=27<BR><BR>

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    ...based on;EN-US;Q262537 <BR>as well as reading between the lines of;en-us;Q187670<BR><BR>I would give this a shot:<BR> FMT=Delimited(&#124)<BR><BR>Don&#039;t forget about<BR> HDR=Yes<BR>or<BR> HDR=No<BR>to indicate whether or not the first line contains field names.<BR><BR>

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