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    I&#039;ve hardly ever looked at jscript, so forgive the naivetei of this question.<BR><BR>Is there a method in jscript that acts like the chr(13) method in vbscript? If so what is it? (you wouldn&#039;t believe the amount of time I&#039;ve been looking for it)

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    JS uses a concept of escape characters.<BR>"Hello
    " will contain a newline at the end.<BR>Check the reference ;) Read the free manual , there is a link at the bottom left of this page.<BR>

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    Chr(13) is done in JS via "
    ".<BR><BR>But Chr(13) is almost surely the wrong thing to be using in VBS code, so don&#039;t proliferate the error into your JS coding.<BR><BR>In VBS, you SHOULD be using vbNewLine or vbCrLf or, at a minimum, vbLF. You should *NOT* be using vbCR [which is identical to Chr(13) of course].<BR><BR>The best choice is vbNewLine, because that is platform independent. And so is "
    " in JS code.<BR><BR>

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