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    I have a little problem with a database project im working on. It&#039s written in VBS/ASP and uses an Access database.<BR>I need to get the lowest non-occupied number in a recordset containing an Id.<BR>If these were the numbers, it should go like this:<BR><BR>1<BR>2<BR>4<BR><BR>Num = 3<BR><BR>If you can help me with this please e-mail me.... <BR><BR>

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    Well, there is always a possibility to move through Recorset (from first to...) and compare IDs with some counter. Of course, remember that every access to Database cost you some time!<BR><BR>If you provide more details (why do you have to find lowes non-occupied ID), perhaps it would be easier to see if there is any better solution. If you are trying to re-use some IDs from records previously deleted, don&#039t buther. Use new ones.<BR><BR>Have I missed your e-mail?

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