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    Hello<BR><BR>I would really appreciate a hand with this:<BR><BR>I am working with 2 fields in a database (id and replyid)<BR><BR>sample data would look something like this....<BR><BR>id replyid<BR>1 <BR>2<BR>3 1<BR>4 1<BR>5 2<BR><BR><BR>Using an SQL query how would I produce output like the following....<BR><BR>id replyid<BR>1<BR>3 1<BR>4 1<BR>2 <BR>5 2<BR><BR>I am kind of trying to group the id and replyid as you can see in the above example.<BR><BR>Cheers for any help<BR>Neil

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    I can&#039;t see any system in your ordering.<BR><BR>

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