Does anyone know if there is a way to use a user control across web applications?<BR><BR>I have a large Visual studio solution that contains multiple projects. There is a project for each web application and one project for my controls. I need to maintain separate web applications because they each have different security settings and web.config files. Many of the projects contain similar pages that I&#039;ve created controls for. I was trying to avoid putting a controls directory in each application, but when I try to reference the ascx files, I get an error:<BR><BR>The virtual path &#039;/Register/Controls/MailMessage.ascx&#039; maps to another application, which is not allowed.<BR><BR>The directory structure is as follows:<BR><BR>Register *******************Web Application & VS Project in solution<BR>-----Default.aspx<BR>---Controls ****************Not Web Application, is a VS project in solution<BR>-----MailMessage.ascx<BR>---Reps ********************Web Application & VS Project in solution<BR>-----Default.aspx<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to reference the MailMessage.ascx file from the Reps/Default.aspx file and I get the error. I can reference MailMessage.ascx with no problem from Register/Default.aspx<BR><BR>Any Help would be appreciated.<BR>Sara