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    Hey, got a question about using asp to generate reports through an access database.<BR><BR>Current situation:<BR>We are using MS Access as a means to generate reports. We go into the database and run a report, this report uses different queries and tables to create the reports. The management is not to fond of this.<BR><BR>What I want:<BR>We also have a web-portal at work. The management would like to use the portal to create these reports. The queries that the report uses are in Access. Is there a way to create a button on the portal (probably using ASP) and have it automatically call the queries in Access, generate the reports and then write them to a pdf file?<BR><BR>If anyone has any suggessions, ideas or links please let me know.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>aus deutschland,<BR>T

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    I have not seen anything regarding ACCESS REPORTs in ASP. You can create your own report in ASP and use a third-party utility to render it to PDF.... activePDF is a good package.

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