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    Good morning guys,<BR><BR>before I start, I am not an expert programmer and I do understand that what I am trying to do could be done another way, but here goes.<BR><BR>I have an asp page which is based upon three recordsets as below.<BR><BR>Level1<BR> Level2<BR> Level3<BR> Level2<BR> Level3<BR> Level3<BR> Level3<BR> Level2<BR> Level3<BR>ETC.<BR><BR>Level1 has one record only per session, and is based on a session variable.<BR>===== CODE level1. ======<BR>SELECT LogMain.LogID, LogMain.IncidentTitle FROM LogMain WHERE LogID = &#039;"& SESSION("IDNUM") &"&#039;<BR><BR>Set rstlog = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") <BR>rstlog.Open SQLlog, Connstring,3,3<BR>===== END CODE =====<BR><BR>Level2 can have many records and relates to Level1 ID<BR>===== CODE level2. ======<BR>SELECT * FROM LogDetails WHERE LogMainID = &#039;"& SESSION("IDNUM") &"&#039; ORDER BY LogDetailsID desc<BR><BR>Set rstdetails = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") <BR>rstdetails.Open SQLdetails, Connstring,3,3<BR>===== END CODE =====<BR><BR>Level3 can have many records and is based on Level2 ID<BR>===== CODE Level3. ======<BR>SELECT * FROM LogDetailsSub WHERE LogDetailsID = &#039;"& rstdetails.fields("LogDetailsID") &"&#039;<BR><BR>Set rstdetailsSUB = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") <BR>rstdetailsSUB.Open SQLdetailsSUB, Connstring, 3, 3<BR>===== END CODE =====<BR><BR>Everything is fine up until record 150 of Level2, then for some reason Level3 records do not appear on the web page at all. I am sure there must be a reasonable explanation for this, but I cannot find out why it happens.<BR><BR>I have tried to duplicate the same process in Access 97 and all the records appear as per normal.<BR><BR>It is always at the same number of records of Level2.<BR><BR>Please help me, as I am totally stumped with this problem.<BR><BR>Gazzer

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    Really strange, <BR><BR>you say it works with Access97, with what db doesn&#039;t it work?

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