Need help in JavaScript<BR>On my ASP page there&#039;re 2 FRAMESET, 1 on the LEFT side & another on the RIGHT side<BR>-The LEFT FRAMESET has 2 frames: <BR>-"frameBtnSave" with src="Save.asp", has button Save<BR>-"frameStateCity" with src="StateCity.asp". <BR>Since these 2 frames are in the same FRAMESET, it&#039;s OK if in "Save.asp" I have the following:<BR>document.frmBtnSave.txtHidState.valu e =<BR>window.parent.frameStateCity.frmStateCity.lst State.value;<BR><BR>But it gives error "object is null" if I refer to the field txtFile on the RIGHT FRAMESET using similar syntax:<BR>document.frmBtnSave.txtHidFile.value = <BR>window.parent.frameFile.frmFile.txtFile.value; <BR>