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    Hi-<BR>At work we moved some of our websites over to a snapserver and the VB based cgi-win executeables on an oReilly site server worked fine until the sites were transferred.<BR><BR>Now I received a HTTP Error 405 405 Method Not Allowed. The exes function to process an activex smtp component. All the other exes function properly except for these two. <BR><BR>I&#039e been reading up on the mime type error, but the explanations seem vague....if you have a pointer or advice it would be appreciated...thx.<BR><BR><BR>Bart<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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    I worked at a client site running WebMaster or Websomthing from and orange books ( I know that is not a big help ) but we ran into many mime type errors when porting code to that server and there is a small section in the oriley manual that explains adding the proper mime type configs and executable paths and all that good junk. The other thing is that if I remember correctly some of the oriley server software has some issues when dealing with service packs. I would also look for this information. If I find anything specific to your problem I will post it, sorry I could not give you a specific answer.

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