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    In building 3 tier web applications(Presentation, Business Logic, Data Access) using .NET what is the best way to handle parsing XML documents or strings. We are using xmlhttp to send XML to the codebehind. Should it be done in the codebehind of the presentation layer or the business tier? Suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanx.

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    Default The way that I structure..

    .. my applications is:<BR><BR>Front-end: .aspx pages. This just contains the server-controls.<BR><BR>Front-end, code-behind: .aspx.vb code. This contains the logic for interacting with the front-end and interacting w/ the middle tier. Minor business logic is enforced at this level -- in the form of data validation.<BR><BR>Middle tier: .vb code. This is a collection of namespaces and classes. It does not (EVER) interact w/ the front-end. It only interacts with the database and also enforces business logic.<BR><BR>Database tier: Oracle/SQL Database. This is handled, mostly, through the use of stored procedures and user-defined functions.<BR><BR>The Front-end, code-behind interacts with the middle tier by generating an XML document which contains all of the parameters/arguments for the function calls to the middle tier. Each function in the middle tier is defined as:<BR>Public Function FunctionName(ByVal poXmlDoc As XmlDocument, ByRef psErrorHolder As String) As WhatEver<BR><BR>The middle-tier returns data in various ways -- through the use of DataSets, DataReaders and XmlDocuments.<BR><BR>If I decide that there is a need to implement the usage of web services or what-not, I will implement that in the middle-tier. The front-end, code-behind shouldn&#039;t/doesn&#039;t need to know where the data originates.<BR><BR>Now, my disclaimer - I don&#039;t know if this is right or wrong, but it&#039;s the way I&#039;ve decided to structure my applications. The few developers I&#039;ve had working for me have all found that it is a logical separation of code.

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