Hi there!<BR>Wonder if you can help me out with these couple of problems :<BR><BR>1. I have a select box that starts out empty and i make an attempt at filling it with data inside of Page_Load function.<BR>The problem is that of an annoying nature more than anything else: When the data source supplying the select box is empty<BR>the select box always ends up with 1 blank option.<BR>I tried skipping the databinding when the source is empty and it does the same thing. Any thoughts?<BR>2. Is it possible to assign a value that is different from text in &#060;option&#062; using databinding? In example below i want "thevalue"<BR>to come from one column of a datatbase table and thetext from another column in the same table.<BR>ex: &#060;option value="thevalue"&#062;thetext&#060;/option&#062;<BR><BR><BR>thanks for any light you can shed on the subject!