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    Sumithra Gopalan Guest

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    I am required to obtain a user-input from the user before he/she can send an email from an email link. This input value must then be attached to the email along with the message and sent to the sender. The place of attachment, whether in the Subject box or in the main text body, is not important.<BR><BR>Can someone throw some light on this? If it is not possible in ASP, would you know some application that can do this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Sumithra Gopalan<BR>

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    Wilfred Mathews Guest

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    Hi Sumithra,<BR><BR>If I understood your question correctly, here&#039s what you need to do...<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR> sValue = Request("InputValue") &#039Get the User-Input<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;a href=";% = sValue %&#062;"&#062; Send &#060;/a&#062; this Information.<BR><BR>When the Email Link is now clicked on the Browser, the Local Inbox will open up with the email Id in the "To" field, and sValue in the "Subject" field. Hope that answers your question.<BR><BR>Cheers!<BR>Wilfred.

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    Sumithra Gopalan Guest

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    Hi Wilfred,<BR><BR>Thanks a million!! It worked..<BR><BR>Sumithra

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