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    Default beginner trying to change images

    I'm a beginner trying to create a little writer's exercise where on one part of the page an image is shown and 2 minutes later it's replaced by a new image until 5 images have shown. In a text area next to it the writer can then write whatever comes to mind from the images. I have 30 .jpg files I want to use. I want to randomly select 5 images, then have them switch after 2 minutes until all 5 are shown. I have found code for banner ads, animated gifs, and slide shows, but they don't quite fit my problem. I have to use server side code - no JavaScript. So far I'm thinking have the code randomly select an image (I did find code for random funciton) and in a loop place them in an array until I have 5 images. Then display the first image in the array. But then I need to figure out how to set up time intervals to replace the image after two minutes. I'm having trouble figuring out how to use the timer function. I need to avoid the page refreshing so the writer's text isn't lost between images. I'm not even sure this is possible, though it should be if you can do rotating banner ads. Any help with thinking this through, code samples, etc. welcome. Thanks so much!

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    Default If you can't use any client side scripting

    you&#039;re screwed.<BR><BR>Well, maybe not. Try setting the meta tag to refresh every 2 minutes, and pick another image.<BR><BR>I think this would be easier with client side scripting, but it really depends on your requirements.

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    Hmm, no javascript at all? I&#039;d think you&#039;d really need this at least for the timer function. Just check the user&#039;s computer clock until 2 minutes are up, then submit the form that will hold the user&#039;s comments. The page can call itself, retrieve the comments, and display them underneath the new image that has been randomly selected. <BR><BR>T

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