Hi,<BR><BR> I wanted to open a calendar in a new window but I also wanted to avoid using the queryString to pass a parameter the calendar needs. So I thought about using the FORM/POST.<BR>So theres my function i built : <BR><BR>function open_planning()<BR>{<BR>var HEI = 727<BR>var WID = 256<BR>var new_planning = window.open("","mywin","Width=" + HEI + ", height=" + WID + ", status= no");<BR><BR>with(document.frmHome)<BR>{<BR>action =&#039;planing/planning.asp&#039;<BR>target=&#039;mywin&#039;<BR> submit();<BR>}<BR>new_planning.focus();<BR>}<BR><B R>The problem is that the function sometimes open the calendar in a second window, leaving the first one blank. I thought about using a one second timeout to submit my form, so that the window would have time to open before the page be loaded into it. But the problem still persist on citrix clients. <BR><BR> I could also just open a window using the target of the form but I want my calendar to be without a menu and status bar, and I want to specify window size.<BR> Right now I&#039;m searching for an alternative way of doing this, which would replace my function above.<BR><BR> Any thoughts on this welcome.<BR> Jeb.