I want to add client-side scripting to a server control. After a little research I figured out how to do it as below.<BR><BR>..........<BR>txtNationality.Attribu tes.Add("OnClick", "SomeProcedureName")<BR>...............<BR><BR >In this case, for the onclick event of textbox Nationality, SomeProcedureName is executed. However, this same method does not work for a radio button list webserver control. In ASP.NET, a different id is given to each radio button in a radio button list. <BR> <BR>I am trying to disable/enable a textbox according to a selection in a radio button list. I used to do this with ASP, invoking OnClick event for each radio button.<BR> <BR>I will appreciate any help in this regard.<BR> <BR>Thanks,<BR>