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    I am using the Personal Web Server that comes with FrontPage98. My OS is Win95. There are 2 problems. My first problem is that I can`t see my server unless I am connected to the Internet. I get a message that it is unable to contact my web server http://machine_name. The machine next to me appears to be set up the same way and it works fine. PWS has the correct address and is running. Could I be missing some file or need to set something else up. Again I can run my ASP if connected to the internet but this is not the solution I am looking for. <BR>

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    Jay Reid Guest

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    Check your I.E. <BR><BR>Go to the connection tab under options and make sure the radial button for "Connect to the internet using a local area network"<BR>is selected. <BR><BR>If that doesn&#039t do the trick open your host.sam file and make sure the IP address is set to (Your Local PC)<BR><BR>If this doesn&#039t do the trick (shrug).. Install Win98 :)<BR><BR><BR>

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    It is my understanding that PWS-FrontPage edition is actually a sub-edition of the full version of PWS so you may want to download and install the full edition of PWS instead. I have found it much more able than the PWS edition included in MS-FrontPage

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    Manpreet Guest

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    go to "Network" applet in the control panel.<BR>click on Tcp/IP and then properties.<BR><BR>intstead of taking an IP address "dynamically" assign a particular one.<BR><BR>for first box enter<BR>for gateway enter<BR><BR>reboot it should work now.<BR>also note that to connect to the net u shall have to reboot by changing these setting once more to the default ones.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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