Computers on internal network cannot access websit

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Thread: Computers on internal network cannot access websit

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    Default Computers on internal network cannot access websit

    any ideas? Outside computers can get to the websites, but internal cannot. IIS server is NAT'd.

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    Default Do a ping from..

    .. the inside and find out the IP address that is returned.<BR><BR>Chances are, it is returning the outside IP address (which your internal computers have no clue about).<BR><BR>From what I saw in the past, our network guys used HOSTS files and then ultimately ended up setting up an internal DNS server for the LAN.

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    Default Yeah, we have the same...

    ...setup/problem. I have a program which checks web links. Works fine on external sites, but the firewall returns the external addresses for sites hosted on our servers, which the servers themselves cannot see.<BR><BR>Basically we have an internal DNS server which the network which the servers sit on have access to which contains just the internal domains and their internal addresses.<BR><BR>Works quite well. Not sure how hard it is to set up, wasn&#039;t involved.<BR><BR>However, if you have only a small number of computers/sites which don&#039;t change very often, you can modify the file called "hosts" as Doug said - basically it&#039;s a DNS cache which windows will use instead of a remote DNS server...<BR><BR>Craig.

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