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    I tried to send this email from a link on a 4guys page"<BR><BR>I am trying to sort out a problem I am having getting a pair of select boxes to work together (as outlined below) I have a copy of my asp page to email anyone willing to help me or if anyone can forward me Gregs email address so I can try to fix my problem.<BR><BR>4Guys page said.........<BR>About the Author<BR>I am a developer in Houston, TX and would be glad to answer any questions that I can about this article. <BR>[Greg McCormick] <BR><BR>I said.......but got an unknown recipient message........<BR><BR>I am a relatively new guy to integrating Javascript and ASP. I read your article and could understand what you were saying but when I tried working my way through the sample (and therefore making a custom version to suit my application) I could not get it to work.<BR><BR>The intention is this would be a utility on several pages within my friends website. The user would select a make and then only be able to select a model based on the make selected without page (normal asp) refreshing and population of the select boxes.<BR><BR>I have a simple table (tblUsedCarList-MSAccess2000). The fields that I need to use are obviously the "ucMake" and "ucModel" the data volume to be stored in the table is probably around 200 records so I thought of implementing your style of dynamic select boxes using java and asp. I had difficulty reading my way through your code (as I am a dummy). I was trying the attached page. Can you please help me out client side (javascript filtering of the select box options is much more professional looking than continual page refreshing (I can do it this way but am trying to better myself and strive for a more professional working site- I hate sites that refresh all the time!). If you wish I will put in some comments giving you recognition of your help.<BR><BR>Kind regards<BR>Mike Lee<BR>Senior Firefighter/Junior ASP Programmer<BR><BR>partial Table Structure for tblUsedCarList<BR>Field name Field type<BR>ucID Autonumber<BR>ucMake Text<BR>ucModel Text<BR>ucYear Number<BR>ucPrice Number<BR>ETC.............<BR>

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    Default RE: dynamic list boxes

    If you give the link to the page you were using maybe someone can help you

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    Default basic process

    When you want to refresh a dropdown box from an action from another you can use the onClick() event. I usually accomplish this by the onClick function submitting another subform on the page. This form passes the current values you need to track on your main form. You accomplish this by setting hidden values in your subform with current values from your main form. Hope this gives you alittle direction on how to tackle your problem.

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