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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR>The following line of code for some reason does not call for the javascript and was wondering why:<BR><BR>INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="SitPass" VALUE="Submit" onClick="return checkRadios(this);"<BR>

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    Have you placed an alert in the checkRadios() function to confirm that? I.e.:<BR><BR><BR>function checkRadios( e )<BR>{<BR> alert( "I&#039;m alive!" )<BR>}

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    Default Should work

    Don&#039;t see anything wrong here.<BR><BR>What error are you getting?<BR><BR>Try an alert here,<BR>&#060;INPUT TYPE="Submit" NAME="SitPass" VALUE="Submit" onClick="alert(&#039;Trying Submit&#039;); return false;"&#062;

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