I had to reinstall win 98 and PWS on my PC and have been unable to access the MSAccess database ever since. The error I have been getting is:<BR><BR>ADODB.Connection error &#039 800a01ad&#039 <BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039t create object <BR><BR>/test.asp, line 14 <BR><BR>THis is the code. Line 14 is the second line.<BR><BR>set connect = server.createobject("adodb.connection")<BR>connect .open "dbasename"<BR><BR>For some reason it cannot create the adodb connection. I tried creating other objects such as mswc.browsertype and that worked fine. So it looks like it is a problem with the ODBC and my software. <BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas about this? I am in the middle of a project and I can&#039t go on without fixing this. <BR><BR>I already set up the DSN names correctly in the 32 bit ODBC. Please copy any replies to romeo_elias@hotmail.com<BR><BR>Thanks a lot in advance.<BR>Romeo