Hello.<BR><BR>Look at this:<BR><BR>Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection("server=Localhost;uid=sa;pwd=;" & "database=pubs")<BR><BR>Or in another example:<BR><BR>cn.ConnectionString = "Data source=(local); Initial Catalog=Northwind; Trusted_connection=True"<BR><BR>When I use Localhost or (Local) I get an error<BR><BR>(Access denied)But when I Write What is in my SQL desktop: UNIVERSI....NetSDK<BR><BR>Instead of Localhost or (Local) there is no error.My question is,How can I configure my SQL Server 2000 to avoid this problem,and make it to accept localhost or (local)?IN my ASP.Net class when I used (Local) I didn&#039;t get any error but at home I had to use UNIVERSI....NetSDK <BR><BR>Please give me a step by step instruction because I don&#039;t know how to work with SQL Server.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Reza Saheban<BR>