I’m looking for a junior designer to work on my site for free in return I’ll link my site and give you the credits, I’m on a tight budget and in need of serious help, if you are just starting out on your career and need to get your portfolio done, you can experiment using my site as you project.<BR><BR>The site is primarily a jobs site for teachers wanting to teach in Asia, if you take on this project you can design using what ever programme you like as long as it works.<BR><BR>There is already an asp database attached to the site but it has a few bugs, redesign or modify???<BR><BR>If you are interested in this project pls visit http://www.teachersonline.to the actual site or<BR>http://www.teachersonline.to/jobs the database.<BR><BR>The site is presently being redesigned it should look like this when it is finished http://www.2bdesign.it/teachers/index2.htm<BR><BR><BR>you can contact me at howard@teachersonline.to<BR><BR>Thank you <BR>