Intermittent problems with my ASP pages - any idea

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Thread: Intermittent problems with my ASP pages - any idea

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    I have a handful of ASP pages on my site that read and write records from Access databases. They have been working for about two years, but intermittently - about once or twice a month - when I navigate to them, they don&#039;t load. I don&#039;t know if any of my site users have had the same problem - if they have, they haven&#039;t bothered to email me about it.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve contacted my web host everytime it has happened and they have NEVER given me a response. Usually, they take so long to read my trouble ticket that by the time I receive a response from them, the problem has gone away. Then they get to it and reply, "They work fine for me."<BR><BR>Have any of you ever experienced something like this? I haven&#039;t been able to isolate anything on my local machine that would cause it. Does anyone know about something on the server side that would cause this?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Pages don&#039;t load...what happens? Do you get a timeout error? Doesn&#039;t sound like the problem lasts very long. Maybe they are rebooting the server. Shared servers can get mucked up with bad code. They&#039;re running 200+ web sites per server, all it takes are a few bad egss...or 3rd party DLL&#039;s.<BR><BR>Couple years back I had this prob with ASP and Access. Switching hosting companies fixed it. Seriously.

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