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    The most intense sql queries i use involve joins.. but I remember seeing something about nesting statements in the past.. At the time I judged it as being unsuitable for my needs, so i ignored it..<BR><BR>But now i&#039;m thinking I need something like that, but can&#039;t find any info on it, and none of my searches return anything appropriate..<BR><BR><BR>Can anyone offer a link to more information?<BR><BR>IIRC it was something like <BR>"SELECT foo FROM t1 WHERE col3=&#039;SELECT foo2 FROM t2&#039;"<BR><BR>any help would be appreciated.. even the correct search term<BR>thanks<BR><BR>

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    SELECT foo FROM t1 WHERE col3 in(SELECT foo2 FROM t2)<BR><BR>Search terms: subqueries, correlation, subselect, outer reference

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