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Thread: working with double-byte characters (chinese) in S

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    Default working with double-byte characters (chinese) in S

    Hi<BR><BR>What do I need to do to a database on SQL7/2000 to make it ready for working with chinese characters?<BR><BR>Are there any things that I need to do to my HTML, ASP and SQL scripts when working with these double byte characters.<BR><BR>Microsofts site is not exactly simple to find this information, is there some good "to the point" articles on this any where on the web please?<BR><BR>TIA<BR>John

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    Default With ASP, at least... need to make sure that Session.LCID and Session.CodePage are set properly.<BR><BR>And then you probably want to make sure that all string fields in the DB are NCHAR, NVARCHAR, NTEXT, etc. The "N" in front designates Unicode.<BR><BR>HTML doesn&#039;t use Unicode, and ASP doesn&#039;t send out Unicode via Response.Write, so that&#039;s why you have to set the CodePage properly, to be sure that the unicode is converted to the proper Chinese encoding (e.g., Big5? I remember that was one Chinese encoding, but as I recall there are others). And you may also need to make sure that the HTTP headers specify the same encoding, so the browser won&#039;t be trying to display one encoding when you send out a different one.<BR><BR>The LCID doesn&#039;t affect the display, per se. It just affects functions such as FormatCurrency and FormatDateTime so that the produce proper Chinese (or Taiwanese or Hong Kong!) results.<BR><BR>Beyond that, I&#039;m not going to be of much help, I&#039;m afraid.<BR><BR>

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