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    I wanna know how can i validate a credit card whether it exist or not and how much money left or is it over the limit or not.I have found code to validate the number but none of the code can do exactly what i want, so can anybody help?

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    Default You can't.

    Not exactly. You can&#039;t find out how much money is left, nor whether it&#039;s over it&#039;s limit.<BR><BR>You can find out whether the bank will let you charge an amount to it, but that&#039;s not REALLY any of the above - that may take it over it&#039;s limit, but the bank may allow it...<BR><BR>Anyway, you need a merchant account.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    If you have a merchant account or are using a third party processor, you can check that funds are available by making a &#039;hold&#039; payment.<BR><BR>Look for cybercash documentation.

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