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    Hi,<BR><BR>Would like to ask what is the best way in keeping my database password. Currently, my connection string is stored in the file web.config. Since my server is shared with different team, what is the best way in keeping the databse password so that it will not be viewed by others, but my system still can read it? Please advice.<BR><BR>Regards.

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    Default are you talking about the

    password that you have in the connection string or the password which you store for users in the database.<BR><BR>For both of these you might use some encryption algorithm to hide the actual password from others. But while retrieving, you will need a decryption algorithm to get the actual password back.<BR><BR>But again if someone gets his hands to the encryption-decrytion algorithm then they can actually convert and see it.<BR><BR>You can find lots of these algorithm on the web site.<BR><BR>Look in the ASPFAQs on 4guys and search google.

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