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Thread: Forum posts don't count accurately?

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    Default Forum posts don't count accurately?

    Here&#039;s the most recent post as of this writing:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Here&#039 ;s the front page of<BR><BR>The messageboards have received a total of 617 posts today (552 posts yesterday) , and 492,794 posts since April 28, 1999. That&#039;s over 387 posts a day, on average!<BR><BR>Now, even assuming a cache result, there aren&#039;t 7300 posts waiting... so is the actual message count over 500K, per the URL, or is the count on the front page accurate?<BR><BR>(Yes, I&#039;m bored right now... I just looked at the URL and thought it reached the 500K mark)

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    Default I guess you have to consider

    posts that "did not make it"<BR><BR>

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