Ok .. here&#039s goes:<BR>I&#039ve done a fair amount of surfing on the net and basically found that mostly everyone groups their data with their controls.<BR>i.e.: Either people create Recordset DTC&#039s and populate controls with them that are on the same page as the Recordset DTC or they don&#039t use DTC&#039s but instead get the records manually but again populate controls that are local to the code getting the database information.<BR><BR>What I want to do is have the record set stuff on one ASP and have it feed controls that live on other "GUI" ASP&#039s or HTML files? This is OO.<BR><BR>Anyway I tried using PageObject DTC to achieve this but keep running into an error that goes something like:<BR>"object undefined"<BR>where "object" is the page object that I have referenced in another page object .. hope someone can understand that.<BR><BR>I&#039m now using Javascript and another form of Remote Scripting .. which is almost working well .. my only problem is that I don&#039t know how to catch the EOF condition in Javascript:<BR>i.e.<BR><BR>while (recordset.EOF != WHAT???!!)<BR>{<BR> //Do whatever<BR>}<BR><BR>I&#039m not happy using the JScript approach .. I&#039d much rather get PageObjects to work .. but if I can figure this simple EOF problem it&#039ll be a great help.<BR><BR>Anyone have an ideas?